How to Get into Running and Learning the Key Components of Working Out

Many people don’t run, hate running, or run incorrectly, but this article will help teach you some basics to do it safe and effortlessly. Running is an excellent workout and is great for your heart. If you follow these simple steps, you will be a healthier person then you were previously.
                                                                  So You Want to Run eh?

Many people believe that jogging is hard, but it is really quite easy if you learn the basics before you start galloping down the street like a lunatic.  Today I will touch on 3 key components of jogging: Form, Shoes, and frequency.  Your body will know if you obey or disobey these simple components because failure to obey them could cause short and long term negative results.

            Form – While jogging, form is very important.  Incorrect form could cause shin splints, neck strain, and the use of too much energy.  Constantly slamming your weight down onto your feet will cause terrible shin-splits, which become worse and worse over time.  Your weight should roll off of your feet and you should push off your toes to take the next step.  Your arms should pump in front of you and back the other way, in a motion like your thinking of grabbing something, but decide not to.  They should always go front to back and never left to right.  Your hands should not be clenched closed or in a fist.  They should be closed, but loose…like you are holding grapes or potato chips in your grip.  Last, but not least, you should do your best to breathe in through your nose and out your mouth.  This may be difficult the harder and longer you run, but do your best.

            Shoes – Don’t skimp on your shoes.  If you run 4 times a week, you will need new shoes every year.  The sole of a running shoe takes a lot of abuse and after that much use, they get worn out, don’t bounce back due to lack of shock, and no longer protect the foot.  Running shoes should cost around $100 and are well worth it.

            Frequency – If you are just starting out, you should try running a half-mile.  If you feel like that was a breeze and were not terribly winded, step it up to 1 full mile.  For beginners, I would recommend running every other day.  If the mile feels like a good distance, make a mile loop around your neighborhood and try that every other day until that feels easy.  Then, try making a weekly schedule.  For example: Monday – 1-mile loop, Wednesday - New 1.5-mile loop, Friday – 1-mile loop.  Doing this little routine for a month will make such a dramatic difference.

            Many people feel like there is no way that they are able to run for more then a minute, but if you work at it, it is more then possible.  If you make sure that your form is correct, your shoes are adequate, and your frequency is just right, you will be jogging like a pro in no time. 


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